A day to relax or a monkey ate my rusk

With the high prices activities go for, it’s easy to take it easy. Christo, Dominique and Sander went out fishing, Mike took a walking tour of the village, or street, and I read the last of my Wireds Rouzeh had brought back for me from Holland.

In the morning, Christo was feeding the resident monkeys from our bedroom window, handing over packets of sugar as well as rusks. If you’re not South African, you’d probably be surprised at the speed the apes wolfed down the dry snacks.


In Zambia, I was able to receive phone calls and SMSs, but not to place or send them. In Botswana, it seemed I wasn’t able to do either, until a chat with a receptionist at the lodge revealed that some cell phone towers were not performing very well, blacking out the village regularly.

Internet access is bad. Though the village seems to have more internet cafes than shops, all provide a download speed akin to having to share a dialup modem with a group of keyboard bashing monkeys.
Trying to get online at “Broadband internet cafe” it literally took me 10 minutes to send one email.

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