Mike, whom I traveled with from Livingstone to Kasane, hung around just long enough to travel back with us to Johannesburg. Not that he had too much of a choice, getting out of Kasane without your own transport is surprisingly tricky. As is finding decently priced accommodation.

We did the 15 hour trip in one day, starting just after 8 in the morning. By the time I crawled into bed, I had a true bedgasm.

On the downside, the immigration officer at the border only gave me a seven day visa. I now still have to visit home affairs. Exactly what I wanted to avoid by leaving the country in the first place.


Something funny I missed while in Thailand.

Arnold alerted me to this one.


And in unrelated news, Holland seems to go the way of America with a group of Christian organizations publishing (in Dutch) a door-to-door brochure which denounces evolution as a mere theory and a form of religion, just like creationism, while pushing the latter.
That and Wilders climbing in the polls makes me shake my head in sad disgust

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