Workshop blues

I was told on Tuesday I had to be in a workshop on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It was bad, very bad. The schedule that was handed out on Wednesday morning was only useful for making notes or drawing and irritation levels reached highest on Thursday evening. Presentations were shuffled around, took too long and were totally uninteresting. What was worse, both the Director General (DG) and the Deputy DG made it clear that the SRC, in practice, very much is a governmental organization. Their remarks could very well be enough for ICCO to withdraw my posting here.
However, on Friday, my feelings changed from irritation to compassion. I realized that the whole group acted like a bunch of kids who are expected to act like grownups but have no clue as to what that means. It was sad to watch them struggle with their responsibilities and lack of knowledge, stuck with a political agenda that can change on a daily basis, lack of funds, no training, murky decision procedures and professional ineptitude.

Currently, I can’t decide, yet, whether I should leave as soon as possible because the organization is too political, or that I should help installing a network and information system so that the organization can start working much more efficiently.

Meanwhile at the lodge

On Thursday, Darlington (who runs the lodge) and Andreas (a Swiss guest who was staying a week longer as planned after his passport, money and tickets had been stolen in Bulawayo) left for fishing at lake Chivero. It was agreed that Betsy would make dinner, using the fish they would surely bring back as a main course. Not only did Darlington’s car break down, they came back with two tiny fishes they ended up throwing in the lodge’s pond.

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Tamara and her 15 year old son Jason have finally left the lodge. Both had never been outside of the US and Tamara had decided it was time for her to help Africans drill water holes. Her son was supposed to be doing missionary work.
Some two weeks ago, they left for Mozambique, but they returned two days later: “The border is terrible.” Jason isn’t saying much but Tamara kept on bitching about every aspect of Zimbabwe. The dirt, the cars, the roads, the people. They left for Malawi today.

Pete, Rachel (the owner) her husband came back from a trip to Uganda last week and is now hanging around a bit. He’s also a tour guide in Chimanimani and the bus he uses for that has been standing around at the lodge for a couple of days. It was being served by, what was according to Pete, the last good white mechanic in Harare.
On Thursday, he learned the man had committed suicide three days ago. He had gone for a checkup to his doctor, in relation to a neck injury. The doctor had told him he had AIDS, after which he went home and killed himself, leaving a wife and four kids.

The day after

Today was spent battling a fierce hangover after visiting Ramblers last night. Bann’d for life, the hash band, was playing their one-before-last gig there and it was a complete hash reunion.
Lots of fun, dancing and ending with Radar Love by the Golden Earring made it a highly entertaining night. Although the run was way to cheap, at Z$2000 per shot. Sunday was painful.

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Meanwhile, Betsy and I are now the only guests at the lodge.


If you’re wondering about my few updates and the fact I’ve uploaded only so few pictures, it’s because my connection at the office sucks. No. Let me rephrase that: It SUCKS!