I still have no contract, but there has been some progress this week. On Wednesday afternoon, I was part of a meeting between the two Deputy Director Generals (DDGs). One is responsible for sports development, the other for finance. Getting them together to talk about the things I’ve been doing over the past six weeks was, well, six weeks overdue.
Although I don’t think they fully understood the extent of the implications for building a computer network for a sports information system, but it got them closer.

It is surprising that meetings between higher and lower management are only seldom occur. The obvious result is that the organization is built up around uncertainties and miscommunications so that every employee employs his own version of crisis management. Meanwhile, just a little bit of planning and organizing would save everyone loads of time!

Today, I came back from lunch only to find the offices deserted. Only the head of HR was still around, telling me that she had asked one of her people to phone everyone to let them know everyone could go home for the afternoon. “You must have been out when he called.” Sure. Inkosana, in the office next to me, also hadn’t a clue. He’s been working with the organization for about six months now.
After I showed my irritation with the situation, she arranged for one of the drivers who was also still there to drive me home. He spent thirty minutes fixing the car, before we could leave.

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