What’s for dinner in Thailand? Part 7

While I'm working hard to understand HDnet's digital responsibilities and desires on my cheap laptop, I'm also eating. As one has to.

Yesterday night, I had dinner with Elyse again in an Irish pub, one of several, where Elyse had fish 'n' chips and I had mushrooms and shrimps with rice.

This morning, I had a great scrambled eggs again while, in the afternoon, I had pad pak ruam, a bit like mixed veggies, fried in a wok. Although the menu didn't say it, they also threw in some beef. To be kind, I'm sure.

Generally speaking, portions here in Thailand are small. Tonight, I had a decent tuna salad and a very decent fettuccine with blue cheese and broccoli cream. But after finishing that, I was ready for more, while there wasn't.

I did have my first encounter with the bugs of Thailand today. At the restaurant, a 12cm flying cockroach was creeping around. And he seemed to love our table.

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