First day

This morning, I woke up with the strong impression that I recognized the room from before. And, of course, I did. I had gone to sleep in it.

Felicia, also staying at the Tri Gong, a very decent guest house in a very decent location, and also working at Hdnet, took me to work, practically just around the corner.
Many friendly faces, many of which women, which I suppose is not too odd, realising this is the health sector I’m now working in, and lots of work to do.

What’s for dinner in Thailand? Part 6

Breakfast was a simple affair. Within jumping distance from my guest house, there are more than a handful places that offer breakfast. This morning, I had scrambled egg with cheese, two toasts, jam and butter, a latte and a small orange juice.
In the afternoon, during a ‘brown bag lunch’, where we talked about TB and HIV (HIV kills more about 6000 people worldwide daily, TB kills about 5000 people worldwide daily, even though TB can be cured, and much more), while I had egg fried rice with shrimps.

But, you know, how special is that?

Food on the tableFor dinner, HDnet’s HR person took me to a restaurant where we had green curry with fried rice, which didn’t look like what I expected at all and wasn’t very hot and Thai vegetable salad, which was very tasty and huge.
For desert, it was an espresso with banana in bleeding hot coconut milk with added sugar. Elyse had very soft cut up mango and rice pudding, with two cashews on top, in cold milk.

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