Weekend in Paraty

A hard week's Friday night
Dinner table
Icecream from Finland

Paraty rose to importance in the beginning of the 18th century, after the discovery of gold in Minas Gerais, the Brazilian province north of Sao Paulo and Rio. The mined gold was shipped to Portugal from Paraty and fuelled the economic boom of the very pretty colonial town, now very popular with both foreign and Brazilian tourists.
The town only revived its economic prospects in the 1970s, when, at last, a paved road connected Paraty with Sao Paulo.

Now, the town and area are more known as a source of cachaca, the Brazilian liquor essential to every Brazlian's favorite drink: caipirinha, as well as for its great beaches and very decent cuisine. Paraty has become something of an artists' colony.

We spent a weekend on Jabaquara beach, next door to Paraty, to celebrate my successful completion of yet another revolution around the sun.

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