The last suppers

With eyes closed
Dead on both sides
In Milan
Miniscule art
Shopping arcade
Up for confession
He's making a run for it
Memories in boxes
Love the goatee

Strolled around town today and enjoyed 'The last supper' by Leonardo da Vinci. I was not so much impressed. The painting is a popular destination. You have to make reservations to see the painting and when we arrived, asking if we could still get in, we were told to try again on October 1st. Some more questioning resulted in the suggestion to come back after a couple of hours to check if anyone didn't pick up his reservations.
We were lucky and got in.

The next stop was Il Duomo, which has had its facade hidden for renovation purposes for years. The square in front of the cathedral is impressive, with fascist architecture on all sides, most notably the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele where, on the other side of the gallery, you can find the one and only original Scala, the city's famous opera house.

Then, on to Cimitero Monumentale, where some of the dead live in more expansive housing than some of the poor in Italy.


Milan has an interesting custom. Every evening, practically every bar in Milano, serves 'aperativo'. All drinks at one price with all sorts of food included. Needless to say, many Milanese can be found outside from 6pm till 10pm, savouring their drink and filling their stomachs.
Yesterday, when we stumbled upon a bar offering aperativo just an hour before we were set to meet up for drinks with Giovanni and Cicilia, we couldn't believe our eyes (and mouths) with all sorts of pasta, fish, mussels, bread and pastries up for grabs. We had too much. And then, for drinks with the soon-to-be-married-couple, we had yet another aperativo.

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