An Italian wedding

Back in Afghanistan, I threatened Giovanni I would visit him for his wedding if only remotely possible. Bought tickets back in July, so off Betsy and I went.

Ryanair rules and although the cost of parking our car was about the same as one round-trip ticket from Eindhoven to Milano, it was also worth it.

Because the battery of my phone/mp3-player/pocket-pc died halfway through the trip I lost most of my notes so I probably don’t have that much to say. You’ll have to survive on the pictures.

Icecream sandwich

Some weeks ago, after visiting a bookfair in Utrecht, I had an ice cream sandwich at Roberto Gelato, the only place in the Netherlands serving these delicacies. Of course, my friends thought I was crazy for buying something this disgusting.
When we arrived at Milano central station, waiting for Giovanni and Cecilia to pick us up, I went over to a nearby snack-stand to get, well, a snack. Of course, I got an ice cream sandwich. And it was good.

Oh, Eindhoven airport smells like cat pee.

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