After visiting Mongolia last year, I figured that Mongolian script was based on Arabic script, but written from top to bottom, not right to left.
Parwaneh, the Iranian aunt visiting Germany, is a linguist, specializing in middle Persian. Middle Persian is the language spoken and written in Persia before the Arabian conquest and she was actually visiting Germany to find a professor, in either Hamburg or Cologne, to take her on for a doctorate.
Seeing written middle Persian, which is very similar to the written Armenian language, I realised that Mongolian script doesn’t resemble Arabic, it resembles middle Persian.

As Parwaneh and I spent time talking about language, I couldn’t help but decadently eat many of the sweets Mehri (the other aunt) always has laying around in the living room. A small price to pay (that is, the extra time I will have to spend in the gym) for the help Parwaneh gave me on my application forms for my Iranian ID.

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