Slow day

My work for the day? Looking at the hosting plans of four hosting companies providers in Zimbabwe.
Yesterday, totally kaput after Monday’s hash, I quit early to visit Marlyn, one of the hashers, in Chisipite. I tell you, those estates are HUGE. She runs a modeling agency called The Agency and Gary, another hasher, had asked me if I was interested to look at some models he needs for an advertisement campaign he’s running. In the evening, I was happy to go to bed early.
Not so tonight. But there’s absolutely nothing to do. No transport, so I have to stay at the lodge or go to Avondale shopping center. But hanging around in a restaurant is also not my thing. And the movie theater there shows nothing interesting at the moment. And practically no one at the lodge. Read.

You’ve probably read it in the news. A plane was confiscated at Harare’s airport full with so-called mercenaries. A friend of mine (in the Netherlands) told me that Mugabe had put the army on alert. Hadn’t read anything about that, but when I came home from work yesterday, you could see soldiers everywhere!

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