Bugs in my wine

There's another Dutch guy working at the SRC. He started nine months ago but was in Holland over the past four weeks. His name is Ivor. We met, just before I left for Zimbabwe, and today he returned. We had Sadza at the canteen inside the stadium and talked about some of the problems Zimbabwe is facing.

In the evening, the SRC had a function at the Sheraton hotel. The nominees of the Annual National Sports Award (ANSA) were presented and some of the sponsors held small talks. Most of the evening was your average boring ceremony with lots of drinks, lots of talks and mediocre food. The shock came near the end of the event. When I got close to finishing my glass of red wine, I noticed some sediment at the bottom. After drinking a couple more sips, I was able to investigate the 'sediment' a bit better. I counted seven small, dead, cockroaches.

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