Lion and cheetah park

Going down to the Lion and Cheetah park, close to Lake Chivero, we were entertained by lions, monkeys, civet cats (I don't think we ended up with SARS) and a giant turtle. Tommy, the turtle, is close to 300 years(!!!) old and walks like how you would think a three hundred year-old should walk. If you scratch his chin, he's willing to wait and enjoy the petting.

I was allowed to enter the lion's den on foot and petted a real, life-size, lion. However, when it started waiving its paws at me, possibly to play, I made sure he wouldn't hit me with them.
No such issues with the cubs with which we also got to play. Lots of fun and they really are like big cats.

Later, we also visited Snake World, close to the Lion and Cheetah park. Enjoyable enough, but not great. Although we had some fun interaction with an Egyptian cobra, who appeared to have enjoyed inserting his teeth in our not-so-willing necks.

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