Ruined out

Chedi in the distance
Decorated penis
Happy buddha
Between two pillars
Odd memento
True colors
Scary spider in a scary web
Weird web
Happy Amber
Happy tree
The eye of the beholder
Arms and legs
Ready to get you
Mothman returns
Going... up?
Where's down?
Pascal has an admirer
Colors and stupa
Coffee? Really?

If you like ruins, Thailand will be your favorite destination.
Today, we drove up to Si Satchanalai-Chliang Historical Park, this one reminding me strongly of Prasat Meuang Singh Historical Park, close to Kanchanaburi.

While the rest of the group was staying out for two more days of fun, I returned to Chiang Mai to spend the weekend working, taking a public bus from Sukhotai to Chiang Mai, a ‘mere’ five hours away.
Immediately, when pulling out of the bus station, the packed vehicle raised my concerns when the clutch made very clunky and unhealthy noises. A good 20 minutes later, having forgotten about it and immersed in a book, the conductor had come up to me to check my ticket. Then, I noticed the alarmingly slow speed at which we were moving ahead.
Minutes later, the bus completely broke down, less then four kilometers away from where we’d stayed the previous night and where the rest of my group was now enjoying good food and drinks.
A good while later, a replacement bus, actually bigger than the one which had given up the ghost, showed up and drove us to Chiang Mai. I finally got to bed at 3:30am. My favorite cat, Vlekje, came up running the moment I put the key in the front door lock.

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