It is obvious the Romanian goalie didn't really have much to do
Marco and Zwan, joined in Misery, and Taas trying to cheer them up
Marco, just after spraining his ankle
Zwan, shortly after his knee injury
Wong can kick it
Zwan, before his knee injury
Wong, stealthily going after the soccer ball
Fun in the sun
Jimbo, telling the locals how to really do it
Slump watching the professional at work
The house partialy covered with isolation
Slump really enjoying making cement
Making cement
Waiting to be picked up in the morning
'Wanna buy some tiles?'
Marco, with the cap, before he enjoyed ankle issues
Ain't it fun?
Art enjoying breakfast
Taas at his best
Jacobs, doing a salamander
Everyone is really enjoying themselves
Genuine workmen, oh wait, its Slockers and Bosch
Taking a break in the shade
See Joost, feel Joost, smell Joost
Waiting in front of the Bear Cave
'Why did I very join this group of maniacs?'
Work, baby, work
Tear down these walls

The soccer rematch with the Romanians was set for Wednesday evening. Claudio, one of the Romanians, picked us up, after we had discussed tactics and approaches for our game of soccer. Claudio, driving a van, able to hold nine people, planned to drive twice to Beius' soccer stadium where we were to play. We felt that the 17 of us should be able to fit in. Since a friend of Claudio's had also come along, we were 19, in a van suited for 9. It was cosy.

Just before the match I told Claudio that, given our poor performance earlier on, the Romanians were bound to defeat us some 6-0. Claudio jokingly (or was he?) replied that they would be kind and, allow us at least one point. We lost 6-1.

Marco wasn't the only one to get hurt during the match. The cow, sharing the soccer field with us, once or twice was on the receiving end of a football coming his way and Zwan injured his knee, although he still managed to hop around afterwards. Marco had a very relaxing week, having to stay home. Zwan could still do some jobs at the site, while seated.

Art scores again

Because we lost the soccer game, we had to pay the beer afterwards. Surprisingly, most of the team didn't show up, although Emil, who hadn't played soccer, did, as was his (ex-) girlfriend Andrea and a cousin of his (ex-)girlfriend, Amalia. Marco was going to make dinner first, but, because of his sprained ankle, wasn't really in the mood anymore.

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Additionally, we had forgotten to pick up the meat during the day which we ordered the day before, so we went vegetarian for a night. Luckily, Slockers and Stevie took it on themselves to fill our tummies that evening. When Claudio appeared, again with his van, he wanted to know if we were still coming. We came and had a couple of beers with him, Emil, and the two girls.

I talked quite a bit with Amalia, a dark, tall and reasonable handsome lady, owner of a small supermarket in Beius. She spoke good English and later called me, apparently since I talked so much, a 'sticky boy'. I enjoyed myself quite a bit, but when she asked where the handsome young man across the table came from, Art, I immediately gave up my position to Art. I mean, he had to compensate for the midget from earlier in the week. I called Art over and gave him a seat between the two girls.

Art slowly became more and more relaxed, although Amalia didn't really help him (Art already considered Andrea to be lost to Emil and therefore out of his league). Later I asked Amalia what she thought of Art: 'He is very nice, but only a boy'. Well, later in the week, she did have a good time with this 'boy'. Meanwhile, we were off to a strip club.


During our evening drink after playing soccer, we learned that in Beius, a city of only some 15000 men, women and children, they also had a strip club. No choice. So with about ten guys, we visited Strip Club Tequila.

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The place was VERY tacky. No bigger then a large bathroom, the place held two tables and a tiny stage. In a very small attached room you could pick up your drinks at a bar. Later, we learned that just that week, three girls had been fired. We were stuck with the only girl remaining. However, she did a whole three shows for us, her last performance on our table. Everyone in the group slipped the occasional dollar bill in her panties. The only thing she actually wore and Taas even slipped her a $10 bill! That is to say, he gave it to Art, who was to slip it in her panties.

After she danced on our table and Data found out she had, well, moist female genitals, she sat at our table to talk a bit (and probably hoping for more than just a chit-chat). I turned down her request for a cocktail when asked what she wanted to drink. She could have a soda or a beer. She settled for some orange juice.

Alejandro, a Romanian guy who had joined us when drinking earlier in the evening, had also come with us to the strip joint. He was very much chatting her up, touching her arms and hands all the time, whispering in her ear, in short, he was courting her. Alejandro sitting on her left, Art on her right.

It was obvious she was more interested in Art, who had also danced a little bit with here, when she was performing on stage. Probably she could smell the dollars in her pants and figured that, between Alejandro and Art, she would have the best chances of getting more greenbacks from Art.

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We pushed Art for making an appointment with the girl after closing time. He did make the appointment, but failed to pick her up. When talking to her, she made remarks, like saying that the juice in her glass (the orange juice) wasn't her juice, that she needed bananas to enjoy herself and that, after her boyfriend had confessed in cheating on her, she had tied him to the bed, made him terribly horny and then left him laying there. What a lady.


On Tuesday evening, we visited the Bear Cave, close to Beius. Since I've had my share of caves over the years, I didn't find it particularly interesting, although it wasn't all that bad. The cave got its name when its discoverers who, somewhere last century stumbled on the opening of the cave and found a large bunch of Bear's skeletons. One of which can still be seen at the end of the tour. I found the other tourists more interesting. Then again, that wasn't really surprising, since they were a bunch of young Italian girls.