He shoots, he scores

It's a dog's life
Hmmm, juicy pasta
Only friends...?
Death, but not as we know it
Slump, seconds before he was carted off to an insane asylum
Fun in the sun
'You lookin' at me?'
Not enjoying lunch
Enjoying lunch
'Some money, please Mista.'
The Great Wong uses the sanitary room

Art met the girl in some obscure pool place in Beius. Reportedly, he had been drinking a lot, something he felt inclined to point out on several occasions. Not only was she under 1m50cm, she was also missing several teeth. Still, it must have been interesting since not many girls are able to give a French kiss without opening their jaws.

I wasn't there when it happened, but it wasn't difficult to sense something had happened when he stepped in the bedroom after coming home (we shared a room). We talked extensively on women, relationships and commitment.

Art, only a couple of years younger than myself, and I suppose quite a looker, unfortunately had been a little bit less lucky with women, mainly because of his shyness. Art is a friendly dude but occasionally worries too much. Strangely enough, he always seems to get himself in some sort of hopeless situation whenever he comes close to pulling a girl.

This girl worked at the pub-come-pool place were he met her. Several locals pointed out that if the owner would find them kissing, he would not only beat Art up but she would also lose her job. I suppose Art made a good choice in not extending the relationships.

My talk with Art made me realize how much I already was missing my girlfriend. I had seen her less then a week ago but already I was missing her hugs, the touch of her hands, the way her skin feels, the look in her eyes, the smile on her face, her purring when pleased…

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