Radio and visa

Today, together with Claudia, who also will be going to Mongolia, I got my visa from the Mongolian Embassy in Brussels. Yes, this meant we had to drive for 200 kilometers to just get a stamp, and pay for it.

Apparently, the previous group of geeks going to Mongolia had had quite a bit of trouble obtaining their visas. Now we came prepared, with letters of recommendation from our partner business, an IESC contact in Mongolia, a contact at the American Embassy in Mongolia and a letter from Geekcorps. We entered the embassy and left with our stamps only minutes later. Not, however, because we had all those documents with us but because they ‘had gotten instructions’ to issue single entry visas to us immediately. The first group of geeks in Mongolia had had so many problems with their visas since they were issued single entry visas.

On a different note, last week I got a call from an old acquaintance who now hosts a show on IT and IT people in the region of Rotterdam. Some months ago, he interviewed me, mostly because of my love for travelling and now my voice will be broadcast live into the homes of approximately 60.000 homes, discussing the possibilities of IT abroad and volunteering in this line of business. I guess the main question is, ‘How much can I advertise my own company?’

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