Radio killed the video star

Yep, Baba made it into ‘mainstream’ media again. In fact, if all goes well (and what is there to stop it?), I will have a weekly on-air update on my findings in Mongolia on (not the American one), the weekly radio show on Radio Rijnmond by the media doctors from gwrrf. Sounds confusing? Check any of the links.

As these things go, I was only interviewed for three minutes. But hey, at least it was live! Later, I was told I occasionally ‘ehm, eh ehm’-ed like Femke Halsema did in her interviews shortly after she became the lead candidate for ‘Groen Links’. You can’t have them all. At least not immediately, I guess.
Duco, a friend with whom I ran in the national elections of last January was waiting when we left the studio. Briefly, I had visions of hundreds, nay thousands, of female groupies awaiting my arrival, any arrival, in the very near future.

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