Off to Victoria Falls

Yesterday night, after cramming 8 people in a worn out Renault 2chevaux, we struggled to the Book Cafe and the Mannenburg to have a good night of fun in downtown Harare.
The lodge being quite full at the moment, it was good to go out with the new crowd, although an English lady who will not be named here seemed to only lighten up when talking to the local population. After we returned from Vic Falls, Darlington told us that a friend of his we talked to at the Mannenburg left the lodge early the next morning.

Darlington took us back at 1am, although he went on partying till 4, together with Nigel. We got up at 6am, still wasted, so needless to say, I forgot a couple of things when Ivor and Jacqueline picked us up at 7 to leave for Vic Falls. I spent the first three hours sleeping in the back of the car with a thumping headache, a very upset stomach and dangerously active bowels.

All went reasonably fine, although shortly after leaving Harare, a big stone hit our windscreen, creating a huge crack in the glass. Ivor contemplated turning back, but decided he wanted to try and replace the window in Bulawayo.
Given the problems we had had around the new year with the broken window of a fairly new car in Budapest, I didn’t expect a replacement window to be available for a 1992 Nissan Primera in, of all places, Bulawayo. After finding Carfill Auto Glass, we drove away with a perfectly good window only two hours later. Earlier, Ivor had stated a new windscreen would, at least, cost a 1000 euros. They ended up paying a meager 120.

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