Short trip to Belgium

Betsy and I drove down to Eygelshoven yesterday, of all places, in the far south of Limburg. A friend of Betsy’s recently moved there from Rijswijk and it was time for us to place a visit.
Mostly, we chilled, having dinner at a Greek restaurant and drinking at the local pub.

Today we spent the day at Moresnet, a small village in Belgium where the local monks put together a bunch of statues depicting Jesus’ trip to the cross. Not too bad.
What’s more interesting, is that the point in Vaals where Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany meet, used to be the point where four countries met. The neutral region of Moresnet existed for just over a hundred years but was added to Belgium under the treaty of Versailles in 1919. The region, only 11 acres with some 256 people, truly was a micro-state.

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