Hwange National Park

Thinking it over
Elephant crossing
From behind
Looking at you
Out to dry
Waiting for the dying
In hiding
Out for a stroll
Elephant crossing
In your sight

We spent the night at the main camp of Hwange National Park. Close to Victoria Falls and Bordering Botswana, it's the country's largest park. There's a lot of wildlife in the park but since it's currently near the end of the raining season, we didn't expect to see much. Since it's so wet everywhere, animals don't flock around the water holes.
Still, we were very lucky. We did a three-hour game drive and got stopped by a big ambuya elephant, picnicking by the side of the road and protecting her troupe. At the two viewing platforms we went to, we saw giraffes, wild dogs, hyenas, bucks, deer, zebras, loads of birds, crocs and more.
In the morning, taking a bath at the imba we were staying at, an orange-spotted black frog fell out of the tab. It was struggling not to be sucked in by the drain so I helped him out of the water. Within seconds, it hopped out of the bathroom.

When driving out of Bulawayo, we came across a gas station that actually was selling petrol. We debated about queuing up, but decided to try our luck on the road to Victoria Falls. Normally, you wait for up to three hours and then get allotted 10 to 20 liters of petrol, if anything. We got lucky. Two gas stations on the road from Bulawayo to Victoria Falls allowed us to fill up the tank

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