Nesting in Chiang Dao

The weekend was spent in Chiang Dao, at the Nest, a lovely little collection of bungalows, where the owner makes the best Thai-European fusion food. Mostly, the weekend ended up being a collection of eating, drinking, smoking, sleeping and playing the name game.
In the name game, two teams take turns amassing points by one team member drawing a semi-famous individual, on a piece of paper, from a hat, then trying to explain who that person is without using the person's name. After we started games night at Tuskers on Thursdays, this has easily been proven to be a most popular game.

As tourists, we climbed the stairs to a nearby wat and visited the Chiang Dao caves, where the tour took us past the obligatory turtles, elephants and turtles, in stone, but also a fried egg, nipples and a picture frame.

The Nest also has a nice pool which is slightly too chlorinated.

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