Moving to Khabarovsk

It is amazing how often your passport is checked when traveling through the country. When buying a train ticket, when boarding a train, sometimes on a train, when buying a plane ticket, when entering an airport, when checking in for a flight, when checking in your baggage, when going through customs (if you can call it customs for an inland flight), when entering the plane, etc.

I took the train to Khabarovsk The train ride to Khabarovsk at times takes you as close as 20km from the Chinese border. In the past, when security was more of a hot issue than it is now, the Trans-Siberia express would traverse this part of its trajectory with blinded windows, to avoid people from snooping.

I shared my cabin with a lady with gorgeous legs but a (as I only noticed when developing my photos) very ugly face and an old man with almost only golden teeth. The girl spoke English, so for a change, I had an actual conversation on the train.

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