One of my colleagues, his son, 3 years old, died yesterday. A scorpion bite.

Yesterday evening, we had a fantastic dinner at the DDG, Danish Demining Group, house. Salads with loads of feta, stuffed peppers, grilled meats. Amazing. The house has a garden with room for a volleybal court (although I had to climb a wall to retrieve a lost ball). And it has a sauna.
There were surprising many babes there. Danish and Swedish, guests.

Dragging myself from one side of the pool to the other at the UN guest house in Kabul, two huge helicopters, the kind that can transport small trucks, flew low, right above the UNICA compound. I assume they were looking for babes. It was busy, I know I was.

Next Thursday I’m off to Heart. I hope to spend a day ‘in the field’, with a DACAAR project.
The weekend after I hope to spend with the not-buddhas in Bamyan.
The weekend after that, I hope to be in Istanbul, possibly Delft. I’ve got two projects waiting for me, I need some dough. Wanna donate?

The evenings are already getting fresh. When I arrived, for a couple of days, I still used a blanket. Now, I’m considering using a blanket again. What is this, a six week summer?

Three weeks late, I was able to introduce a groupware environment at DACAAR. People can finally share files, calendars and notes. A major achievement.

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