Meknes: undervalued imperial city

Meknes is one of Morocco’s four imperial cities: Fez, Rabat, Marrakech and then Meknes itself. It’s also the most undervalued one, or so they say. Though not unpleasant, it does feel more provincial than either Rabat or Casablanca.

Meknes’ medina, or old town, is big, but I feel I’m starting to get medina fatigue. They’re all attractive to some extent, but whether they are in Morocco, Egypt, Croatia or Iran, the differences aren’t that big.

Meknes’ main square, though, on this Friday afternoon, did have the attraction of live musicians, story tellers, kids games and more. A welcome place to spend hours just sipping coffee and watching the world go by.
If only it wasn’t so sodding cold.

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