This wouldn’t be Africa if, in whispers, the store clerk of the only Apple store in Uganda wouldn’t be offering me a cheaper second hand adapter instead of the new one, which was heavily overpriced. I was Saved, for now. I need to get myself a new Mac.

My Mac had two hard disk crashes early on In it’s life, one of which was covered by the warranty. It also had the cover replaced, under warranty, and it has been in need for another replacement for years.
But I’m waiting for the new line of MacBooks to come out in a few months to replace my three and a half, going on four, year old machine.

Imagine the annoyance when the adapter stopped working yesterday. Already twice this week it had done that, mysteriously returning back to action in minutes. Now, it had even used up its last legs.

There is exactly one Apple dealer in Uganda, the same single one that also supplies Kenya and Tanzania. Interestingly, their computers aren’t taxed, meaning that their machines, without tax, are actually a bit cheaper than the same machines in, say, Holland, with tax. Unfortunately, their peripherals, such as an adapter, are taxed, meaning that the adapter I needed was going towards twice the price here, of what it would have cost in Holland.
Interesting, as, as a consumer, buying your MacBook here in Kampala is slightly cheaper than in Holland.

And on a slightly related note…

Apple! Y U NO sell Daily in Europe!?

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