It. Is. Momentous.

I paid off my student loan this month. Momentous!

Artsy competition

I’m still judging for FLEFF 2010, and in the meantime a not too dissimilar project is starting over in Singapore.
For an exhibition at the International Communication Association Conference in late June, they’re looking for work on the theme of ‘open space’. I always struggle with calls for proposals of this kind as they’re often rather conceptual, but in its simplest form, open space is defined as “spurring collaborative knowledges and producing new provisional microterritories through engagement. Open Space is where technologies meet people meet spaces.”
That makes some sense to me, so I submitted j-walk.

They’re particularly interested in works and artists from south east Asia. And they’re hoping to get things like alternate reality games, creative robotics and ‘innovative digitally-based cartography projects. Hence the obvious choice of submitting j-walk. However, the list goes on.

You can read up on this over at the FLEFF website.

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