Airborne again

You’re not allowed to externalize Zimbabwean currency. Literally speaking, there’s not that much currency anymore in Zim, only bearer checks, but still.
When we were in Inhassoro, Semia’s brother, Semy (yes, what were their parents thinking) and a friend of his, drove down from Zimbabwe. They had to leave 1 million Zimdollars behind at the border (still some 150 euros) because they answered a border guard’s question truthfully when he asked if they were carrying any Zimbabwean money.

So at Harare airport, I happily said ‘No’ when asked if I was still carrying Zimdollars. Not that I was carrying many, but still. Funnily enough, in the tax free area, after we were checked for cash, a tourist shop was selling curios and accepting, yes, Zimdollars.


Both Betsy’s parents, with balloons, and mine, with flowers, welcomed us at Schiphol airport. Having experienced it before, I wasn’t surprised but noticed it once more: Holland is clean, quiet and doesn’t smell. Back.

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