The morning after

Small fry

During the weekend, we were staying at the very nice Lomagundi Lakeside Association's lodges, right on the lakeshore. We had to self cater for food, but a well stocked bar was selling everything at reasonable prices. Not, of course, did that stop me from bringing in some whiskey and vodka.

Nor, for that matter, did it stop Trent from stripping on the dancefloor and doing an invigorating dance on the bar the previous night.

The run was nice and short and made even more enjoyable by a long beer stop at Warthogs, a backpackers camp close to the lodges we were staying at.
The short run was livened up by elephants, again. This time, two smaller ones were blocking our entry into Warthogs.

On our way back, we were nicely surprised by elephant, zebra, kudu and several other wild animals on our way.

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