Eastern Highlands

Sunset over the Eastern Highlands
The view from up here isn't too bad
Esatern highlands
Eastern Highlands
Hanging out
Top o' the mornin' to ya
For sale
Halfway from Harare to the Eastern Higlands

During our night at Ramblers, the plan to go to lake Kariba over Easter was born. Annemarie, a Dutch lady working in Zimbabwe as a consultant on building greenhouses, had to visit Zambia and would be driving back on Good Friday. Andrew, Wayne, Betsy, myself and some others would drive down to Kariba on Friday, after which we all could go back to Harare on Easter Monday.
On Thursday night, after Betsy sent Andrew a text message, asking about the plan for the next day, she got a reply we would be going to the Eastern Highlands, not lake Kariba. Needless to say, Annemarie was pissed and spent the Friday sending angry messages to Andrew's phone.

Stopping, en route, at Melwatte lodge, we arrived in Nyanga in the early afternoon. Andrew's family owns a house there so the seven of us had very decent accommodation. The first challenge was getting running water since the water meter turned out to have been stolen before our arrival.
We drove up to the world's viewpoint to see the sun set on Zimbabwe and had a fantastically clear view and good vodka.

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