Back in the RSA

Looking back

Killing multiple birds with one stone, I’m doing work for SACSIS in situ, while the plan was to also give a training on The latter doesn’t seem to be happening, but has opened up time for putting up the new collection on
Meanwhile, I’m drinking Wild Bean cafe coffee, eating bunny chow, running a hash and jumping around on a DDR machine for two hours in Menlyn Park, and meeting old friends of course.

Driving up to Pretoria for the hash, in the pouring rain, the landscape and weather very strongly reminded me of driving on the ring road around Brussels. Similar constructions, mostly newly build office space, car dealers and malls, with the same grittiness and not-really-up-to-date road system.

I’m staying at Ismail‘s sister, director of SACSIS. She’s living in an area of Jo’burg I’ve never really gotten into, but appears to be very nice. Interestingly, Stevan, who I know from my work in Mongolia and who’s moved back to Jo’burg recently, now also lives in the same area; Parkhurst / Linden / Greenside. Lots of nice little restaurants, bars and cafes.

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