A site’s revamp

No photos

Last week, my main site (babakfakhamzadeh.com) was suspended because it was hogging resources on the server. The machine, besides a list of my own sites hosts a number of other people’s sites and they weren’t really happy with the results of my popularity.

Some investigation showed it was the 30yp.com subsite which was causing problems. Indeed, the site uses quite a couple of database connections and with some pages getting, literally tens of thousands of pageviews, it’s not really a big surprise a small fiasco was going to be in the cards.

So I revamped 30yp.com, made it a part of babakfakhamzadeh.com. All the functionality is still there. However, some of the cute features had to go. At least for now. Specifically the monthly overview with all the pictures I really liked. Maybe some day…

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