A bit of Larnaka

Lazarus' church
Chicks in blue

The next morning we spent some time in Larnaka. The city only has a couple of sites that are really interesting, if you don’t consider the city’s boulevard where, every night, women walk in one direction, continuously, and men drive in cars in the opposite direction, continuously.

For one, there’s the grand mosque. Betsy had brought a piece of cloth to cover herself with, so that we could enter a mosque and she had used it a couple of times in Lefkosia. Here in Larnaka it wasn’t enough. She had to wear a blue coat to cover herself completely and with it, she looked more like a ghost then anything else.

Another feature is the Lazarus church. In the crypt of the church, the man-who-didn’t-die is supposedly buried. After he was raised, he moved to Cyprus and became a bishop in Larnaka for 30 years. The structure isn’t all that bad, but unfortunately, the church was closed when we were there and we couldn’t go in to see the man for ourselves.

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