Zim-Zim at Kariba


Today, we left for a three day drinking fest on the shores of lake Kariba. It’s a hash weekend, meaning there’ll be lots of drinking, some running, a good dress-up party on Saturday night and loads of gossip.

My main issue with the weekend was having to get up at 6:30 for Snowy (the GM) to drive us down to Kariba. Since the northern end of Kariba lake is located on the edge of a nature reserve, there would be a reasonable chance for us to spot some wildlife. The only wildlife we got to see was Betsy, sleeping in the back of the car.

Since all Zim hashers had been really looking forward to this weekend, we all partied like hell on the Friday, resulting in everyone drinking so much and partying till late that some people were to drunk to realise that Stonehenge did not have sex with his niece, visiting from England for the occasion.

We stayed at the very nice Lomagundi Lakeside Association. I was expecting bunk beds in near-hostel conditions. We got quite luxurious 4 person cabins with double beds.

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