Zetaheal – God with us

I received this book back in March when I was in Ghana. Zetaheal is a religious organization/group with its own place of worship in Accra where Islamics and Christians come together to worship their (common) god.

The place was quite an interesting place to visit. When I was there, I also received a book to read, ‘God with us’, supposedly dictated by the ‘Angels of God’, through the profettes, Lehem, who is still alive and whom I met.

The book in itself is rather interesting to read, mostly for it combines Christianity, Islam, Budhism and Voodooism into one all encompassing religion. Not creating a new religion, but placing all these in a context where they all fit together, all worshipping the same God.

The book is also interesting to read as a social statement. Clearly focussed on the people in West Africa, the text is an interesting tool for a better life, promoting cleanliness, devotion and responsible work through a life with God.

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