Waiting to cross

On the road from Montevideo to Colonia
The LOT logo, repurposed
Going down
The setting sun in Colonia
The red does it
The setting sun
Sunset in Colonia

Lined with cobbled streets and wrapped up in autumn colors, Colonia del Sacramento is a pleasantly cute border town, just an hour away by boat from Buenos Aires. Also the reason why there are, sadly, multiple casinos in town as well as an overly strong focus on tourism. Still, already in the middle of autumn, the town is quiet, mellow, taking a break, basking in what's almost a pleasantly warm winter sun.

The town's a world heritage site and has the cafés and restaurants to match.

And, someone tried to sum up Uruguay in one sentence for me: "In Uruguay, when you open a door, you never know what's on the other side."

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