UBH3 300th

A christening
Very wet
Three's company
What's with the neck sitting?
Christening the GM
Nice tails
That's a lot of butts
A flower amongst flowers
How good?
Practicing for the big night
Chomping away
I want that one
Quick privacy
Another christening
On the mountain
Nice work
Drinking down
In the bus

Note: All pictures by Patrick.

Last weekend, we enjoyed the 300th UB Hash. Lots of fun, although some people had more fun than others. Mostly due to extreme raunchiness the more family oriented members of the UB Hash couldn't stand. True, we had a lot of cock- and cunt-jokes, but the 75% or so English-minded contingent loved it. And lets face it, can you ever have enough of these?
I had a fantastic time: A wet hash; sauna with Luke Warm Froth and Jess; Khorkhog in the woods; swimming in the icy cold Tuul river; Dancing in a tacky disco; Pornographic songs on the bus back and a fantastic dinner on the balcony of Taj Mahal.
The only drawback for the whole weekend being the loss, or actually theft, of one keg of beer. Cost of the keg? $200. And then the whining of some people that they are not willing to pay for the keg since they weren't responsible for it anyway.

Anyway, by far the best part was the wife of the German embassador filing a complaint with the American embassy for my behavior. Gotta love these people!

On the bus back, we created the theme song to the UBH3 300th Hash. Most notable contributors were Beaver, Jess, Brat and myself. It is to the tune of 'yellow submarine' by the Beatles [Note: VERY explicit lyrics.]:

In the land of Chinggis Khan
We held our cocks and stroked them strong
And we swum in streams of cum
In the land of Chinggis Khan

We all came on the 300th Hash, the 300th Hash, the 300th Hash
We all came on the 300th Hash, the 300th Hash, the 300th Hash

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On the hill, we did a moon
And after that, we came real soon
As we bent towards the sun
We were glad that we could cum


In the sauna it was hot
The sweat dribbled of Babak's cock [personal favorite line]
We sweated long, we sweated hard
We sweated out the mutton lard


And the hares they ran in front
We caught them up, those cheeky cunts
We fucked them both, one by one
And christened one, who never comes


So we drank beneath the stars
Then lost our keg in a Mongol bar
And a ger sleeps three or four
But it fucks fourteen or more


And as we went a long, long way
Trekking along, come what may [Think of Babu here]
Not only jump, not only climb
But sure drink, till we are blind


We swung them high, we swung them low
Throughout the Hash, the beer did flow
And in the land of Chinggis Khan
Our final words, they were ON-ON!

Finish with a cacaphony of the chorus