U2BH3 and the 100 Buuz challenge

Killer queen
The 100 buuz challenge
Jess and Babu
Pat and the girls
Showing off
What a couple
What a crowd
In red
The whole group
How good?
Ain't the girls cute?
Da dude
Pat and the chipmunk... or is it a weasel
The money shot
In the air
Pat's underpants
How good?

Note: All pictures by Patrick.

The weekend was a total blast. On Friday we had a red-dress-vodka hash (not affiliated with the UBH3), for the occasion organised by the U2BH3, The Ulaan Ulaan Baatar Hash House Harriers. No less then 5 guys ran the course in dresses and another five people wore enough red to join us on our crusade.

Everyone loved it. The runners, the Mongolians and most of all the people at the Steppe Inne. David, the GM of the regular hash, even came over and gave some suggestions for an even better experience. Earlier in the day, I had called Simon, who sort of runs the Steppe in (located at the British Embassy), to see if he would be okay with us showing up in red: 'well, as long as you don't *try* to flash anyone, I suppose it's marvelous.'

Later, after the run had taken us past shopping centers and we were having a samosa stop at Babu's (the magnificent Taj Mahal), everything got out of hand. Babu loved our crazyness and wouldn't let us go. I had no choice but to leave at 11, since my people from the bank, where I worked over the previous two months, had planned a drink for me and only told me that very day.
Going home and changing quickly, I headed over to Brauhaus, where the beer flowed freely. After we left, I wanted to go home and pick up my phone after which I would rejoin them. I came home, sat down for a second and woke up four hours later.

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Saturday was a relaxing day, with the highlight of the afternoon being Charlies Angels: Full Throttle. The evening was spent at Andy's, where everyone mellowed out. To spice things up a bit, Aus and I went for the '100 Buuz Challenge', failing miserably.
At 11, we went over to UB Palace to dance the night away. Supposedly, they have a 2am pig/pinata that, when smashed apart, drops hundreds of 10 and 20 togrog notes on the dancefloor. However, this time there was no pig, although we did enter a dancing contest which we horribly lost to a professional dancer.

Sunday was a total chill with brunch at Silk Road, cricket and Jaws 3 at Pat's.

I will miss this country come Thursday. Not really for the right reasons, but so be it.