The Persian connection

I’m actually getting closer to making money with and CityTour, through several contacts at the local Delft government. Nothing certain yet, and considering this still is a government I have to deal with it will take time, but who knows.

Yesterday, Betsy and I had dinner at Vahid and Karin’s. I know Vahid through applying for a new birth certificate at the Iranian embassy in The Hague. He’s studying at the TU Delft, so that alone already makes him a good guy. Karin is from Norway and is working at Heerema.
Although Vahid is not REALLY religous, he does ‘do’ Ramadan, so we had to wait with dinner, when we arrived a bit on the early side.

Betsy had a hard time this morning, after she had drunken a tad too much yesterday evening. We got out of bed around 1 in the afternoon.

Over the past week, I took the time to redo my private/business website Nothing much has changed on the front end, it’s mostly the back end which I cleaned up. I also more strongely integrated this site with it, but only from that end. Next is doing the same on this end, but that’ll happen at another time.
The nicest changes are the inclusion of inZIM and 30yp articles on the front page.

The man they call Kleijer

While working out at my local fitness club, I bumped into someone I hadn’t seen for years. Dillingh, back at school, used to be a hardrock adept, walking around in leather and with chains and things. Funnily enough, he’s now working for the police.
We started talking, amonth other things about Ronald Kleijer, someone who was my best friend for several years, some 15 years ago. Dillingh claimed he had married an Ugandan lady and had moved there several years ago.
I couldn’t resist the temptation and Googled the guy. Turns out Kleijer is not living in Uganda, but in Uzbekistan. Minor difference. I was able to track down his email address and we’re now mailing again. Very funny.
He’s doing well, apparently. He’s an artist, married, with one child and hosts a weekly radio show called ‘The Flying Dutchman’.

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PC problems

Goris still haven’t decided to contact me on my broken down PC. Although I can get by well enough with only one PC, it’s still a bit of a hassle. And hey, how difficult can it be to track down a hardware failure?

Shona statues

Also, all Shona artwork we brought from Zimbabwe are finally online at Sales aren’t really overwhelming, yet, although we’ve been able to get rid of some of the goods.
Early next month, we’ll be trying to sell the stuff at a local arts and crafts market.