The murder plot thickens

So no free Tai buffet tonight at the Mustafa. According to the waiters, it's on Thursday. Nonsense because the girl who cooks the Tai food works at the Intercontinental in the beauty parlor. They close on Tuesdays, leaving her the time to make a great dinner for the Mustafa hotel.

Anyway, the drink and dinner were nevertheless very interesting. Turns out, the guy who was shot here in Kabul, the other day, had a rather hot temper. What's more, he was NOT going to marry after leaving the country this Friday. That is, he was already married, to a Cuban girl, who had visited Kabul to see him, before he made it clear he didn't want to see her anymore. Then he got this other girl pregnant.
What's more, the man has been in jail, for having a relationship with an Afghan woman or, so it is said, women. Here, the minister of the department he was working for, bailed him out.
But there's even more. There's even talk of him having had a relationship with a woman, in a way which would have been illegal in most countries in the world.

It doesn't seem the drugs connection holds. It seems the sex/love/disrespect card has been played here. Plain and simple revenge. Sicilians couldn't have done it any better.

I win

Meanwhile, succes at DACAAR. I've guided DACAAR into an agreement with ARDS, who are preparing a project called eAfghanistan which aims to be a library of all official documents on and from Afghanistan.

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