Tell me what you think

If you have a sharp eye, you’ve noticed a few changes around here. Much of it is a bit subtle and most of it is ‘under the hood’, not immediately obvious to the casual observer. But it’s been a long and arduous road. Not in the least because of Internet Explorer for Windows.

I’ve tested my new updated website on multiple versions of two hands full of browser on three platforms. So I’m quite confident that many of you will not encounter major issues. But I’m sure some of you will.
Please, please, let me know. What doesn’t work, what isn’t intuitive, what’s crap, what’s missing, etc. You get the idea.
And don’t hold back now. Come on, spill those beans.

Oh, if you like the updated website, you’re also very welcome to share that.

And, no, I’m not yet finished. There’s a series of smaller knobs and bobs which still need to be addressed. If only websites would build themselves.


While working from home in Chiang Mai, with Vlekje being more often inside my room than outside, and more often on my lap than somewhere else (well, she occasionally climbs onto the TV and tries to push off my knickknacks if she thinks I don’t give her fish strips often enough), I’ve been busy with the quicky that is the frontend of the People Connector (not yet online), the not-so-quicky which is the upcoming, and I’ve had a verbal offer for a project in South Africa. W00t!

Also, you might have noticed from my game reviews that I bought a Nintendo DS while in Japan, and I’m increasing the quality of my brain by playing both mind numbing games and brain enhancers.

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And, I almost forget, I turned 35 last week. The Romans called it the start of middle age, here, we went to the German Brewery, where the beer was very good, locally brewed, and the accompanying show, with Thai dancers, lots of live music and transvestites, a bit… odd.