The battle of the bulge
Bulgarian belly
Morning exersice
Ready to rumble
The four legged monster
Head to head
In the overweight category...
Mountain vs. mountain
Russia takes a nap between fights
Egypt vs. Germany
Ringside action
Bored Japanese
Waltzing Matilda
To the left... to the right...
Russia vs. Hungary
I caught a fish this big
Look me in the eye...
Nice ass
Dopping control
Lovely girls
Rumbling on
Russia vs. Holland
Russia vs. Holland
You first
Head to head
Hungary is waiting for you
The Brazilian team
Group hug
The cutest sumo girl
Mr. Miyagi
Twice sweet, once too big
Netherlands and Mongolia
In the Brazilian corner
Fat ass
Egypt is flying away
Squaring off
Hungary is getting ready
On your marks
The clash
Ass crack
The cute Brazlian girls
Judges shoes
international sumo fan club
Russia takes to the stands
The crowd
Winner of the metal elephant
The Mongolian under 18s team
The Ukrainian team
Cute girls caught in the middle
Young winners
Japan WINS
Sumo world chiampionships

It's not everyday you get the chance to see live sumo wrestling. So no choice but to check out the combined world sumo, world women's sumo, world under 18 sumo and asian sumo championships. Three days of fun at the 700 year sports complex just north of Chiang Mai. The complex, incidentally, is not 700 years old but was built in honor of Chiang Mai's 700th birthday in 1996 but hosted the 1995 Southeast Asian games.

Maybe surprisingly, sumo is a very entertaining sport to watch. Games are short, highly energetic and follow in rapid succession. We saw the prize ceremony for the under 18s on Saturday, to make sure we'd know where to go on Sunday, the main day of the event, and arrived early the next day, at around 10am. We ended up staying until six.
Most surprising was the cute Brazilian women's team. One of the three women was seriously overweight, but the other two were really cute: about 1.6m high and under 55kg. And very powerful. One of these two girls was a three times Brazilian sumo champion and a one time judo champion. I wouldn't want to meet here in some dark alley.
But then again, maybe I would.

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