Second wedding

No real plans for today, except for getting to Gurgaon, a small city outside Delhi, where the second wedding we are to attend is going to be held. Choosing between a cheap bus and a relatively expensive taxi, we opted for the taxi, which was a good thing. Not only did our driver not really know where he had to go, meaning he undercharged us, the heritage village Manesar was also in the middle of nowhere, some 20 kilometers past Gurgaon, an hour’s drive, if not longer, from central Delhi.
The place is quite amazing with all the hallmarks of a five star hotel and looks like a small village set around a large green. We were one of the first to arrive and settled ourselves near the pool. Some two hours later, practically everyone, some 100 people had arrived and were crowding in and around the swimming pool.

Clearly more organized than the previous wedding, with a four day printed schedule being handed out at the beginning and a presentation to communicate the plans and answer all questions the unknowing Dutch guests had. Tired, we stumbled to bed at around 1 am.

We were under the impression the rooms, more like small apartments, where going for 40-50 euros per apartment, per night. When we checked out, some days later, it turned out to be 80. Not so pleasant.

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