Romney’s reality distortion is just a distorted panorama

There’s currently another Romney gaffe doing the rounds, this one where Romney posted a really badly photoshopped image to Instagram. In fairness, buzzfeed, the whistoleblower, admits it might just be a bad panorama,  but it seems extremely obvious to me that that is all it is. 
True, Romney’s campaign posting this is facepalm-worthy, but not too much more. I suspect someone was walking along an elevated causeway, taking pictures as he moved, not while he was standing in one place, then stitching the individual images together.

In the image above, I took Romney’s original posting, cut it up in vertical bands, moving each band to the left, where it matched the previous band’s image.
In case you’re confused, the area that matters is bordered by the light grey box in the bottom half of the image.

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