Quiz, progress and traveling with an iPad


To have the inner and outer tire replaced on my bike, I pay 7 euros. In Sierra Leone. In Holland, I pay 35 euros. That's the cost of progress.

What to do before traveling with an iPad

Whether you've got a 3G or wifi only iPad, if you are traveling abroad, chances are you won't have easy or constant access to the net. So this is what you do to stay on top of things.

+ cache the relevant Wikitravel pages through PocketTrav.
+ cache the relevant Wikipedia pages through Simplepedia.
+ cache detailed maps though Google Earth or the built in Google Maps. Google Earth is better, because that will also cache Wikipedia articles on the maps you're caching, but is also more picky as to requiring a connection. Charles (see below) suggested OpenStreetMap as an alternative.
+ consider getting relevant Lonely Planet sections as PDFs. Or if you're going to the 'right' location (and live in the US), one of their iPad optimized guides.
+ when you have web access, use Wikihood to see what sights are nearby.
+ Relevant web pages can be cached using Read it Later or InstaPaper (thanks Charles!).

O'Casey quiznight is back

Thursday January 6 sees the start of a new year of quizzing. 8pm at O'Casey blues bar. O'Casey blues bar is right next to Alex's.

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