Some dancing

At an informal get together of DDR crazies at Scheveningen, I almost managed to clear the 10-footer on Dancing Stage Fusion, four times. Not bad, but I was bettered by two others at the mini-meet. As these things go.

The sun was shining but it was cold. Nevertheless, I had no choice but to enjoy the very cheap ice-cream from Italian ice-cream parlor ‘Palazzo’, where they were celebrating their 20 years in business. Each scoop only cost 25 cents. Supposedly the price from 20 years ago. Probably true, but probably, 20 years ago, it was 25 cents in guilders, not the 55 cents 25 eurocents actually is worth.

In the evening, I rushed to David’s house in Rotterdam. David, a German now working for ITpreneurs, was throwing a house-warming party, basically for everyone who had also been at Sukhbir and Anne’s wedding in India. David was provided the drinks, but the guests had to bring food and dress up Indian style. As these sarees do, some of the girls looked lovely in them.

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