Lijst 14 nummer 16

On the 22nd of January, the Dutch national elections are coming up. I’m running as well, so if you happen to be Dutch: VOTE BABA!

Today, I came back from fitness and drove past one of those signboards they put up specially for the election periods and our poster was up there. My name is up there. Needless to say, I felt goooooooood.

Additionally, I created a small website where I try to promote myself for the next elections. It’s located here and you can win 2 cinema vouchers for promoting the site. Visite the URL and WIN THOSE TICKETS!

On a side note: This message is the 500th posting in my weblog! Hurray!

(24 jan: We didn’t make it. Three people won cinematickets and the site was taken offline.)

Back story

After the stupidest party EVER won big in last year’s Dutch national elections, I figured it would be possible, even easy, to participate in the next elections and even end up with a couple of seats. I realized that spending big on a major campaign would not be an option, so I decided I would start working on it some two years before the next elections and slowly make myself known through the common subconcious, mostly through a website, directed at promoting Lijst Baba and the party’s values and ideas.

Unfortunately, the proponent of the party that won big was shot, killed, just before the May elections and the government got disbanded in October, resulting in early elections. Suddenly, I had no time to put my plan to work. I had to come up with an alternative.


Enter the Partij van de Toekomst (Party of the Future). Run by a slightly chaotic, absurdly positive workaholic with more ideas than you can shake a stick at, the Partij van de Toekomst already took part in the May elections and now wants to strike back with a vengeance.

Earlier, we had been busy collecting autographs from all over the country. A new party is required to collect thirty autographs from all 19 districts in the Netherlands. We made it, just in time.