Introducing the new Dutch verb ‘schotsen’

The place to schots

After a rather, well, intimiate confession of a friend of mine, I realised the Dutch language needed a new word. The word will be ‘schotsen’.

‘Schotsen’ marks a rather unpleasant moment. It can happen after a night of heavy drinking, but most of the times will involve consumption of foods your body doesn’t agree with all that well. In my friends case, it happened in India, where the infamous ‘Delhi Belly’ probably played a significant role in his bout of ‘schotsen’.

If you speak the Dutch language, you might have figured it out; ‘schotsen’ is a combination of ‘schijten’ (shitting) and ‘kotsen’ (vomiting). And you’re in the process of ‘schotsen’ when you’re doing both at the same time.

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