Real Mongolian River Stones


A project I dreamt up together with Betsy, when we were in Terelj some weeks ago. It’s a bummer that, most probably, I will never have the time or will get the money to make this project see the light of day. But, you know, I’m just establishing prior art here…

The idea is to sell stones over the Internet, from within Mongolia. The stones are handpicked from riverbeds of Mongolian rivers by beautiful Mongolian girls.

A buyer is able to collect pre-picked stones but can also send girls on errands for particular sized stones from particular locations on particular rivers.

You see, there is this old Mongolian custom, dating from the days of Chinggis Khan, when almost no men were left in Mongolia proper, all fighting their wars someplace else. The women would bath naked, together, in the Mongolian rivers, particularly in late spring, when the heavy rains would fill up the rivers. They would not only wash themselves and each other, but also massaged each other with the smooth stones they found in these rivers, rubbing them over each others skin, to sooth their bodies and cleanse their skin.

Aaah, Mongolia. If anyone has, say 2000$ to spare, I’m his/her man!

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