Kompl – Be a flaneur

Active project

Kompl is a mobile app for iOS that tells you what’s around you. But, it’s up to you to find it. Kompl shows you nearby venues, but obfuscates information until you get close enough. Initially only showing a direction and a distance, more and more information is revealed as you get closer.
Kompl does not provide a map and works offline, both, to emphasize the experience of getting to your destination, as opposed to the destination itself.
Location data is sourced from, amongst others, Foursquare, Google Places, Wikipedia, Flickr and AudioBoom.

The app is built together with Ian Barry. Roughly, Ian is responsible for the backend, with myself being responsible for the frontend and comms. The frontend, the app itself, is built in Meteor.

Kompl can mix up the virtual with the factual. By physically exploring your own city, it’s possible to virtual explore another, the app presenting you with what’s around you in your virutal location, while moving around in the city you actually physically find yourself in.

Kompl is available on the iOS App Store.

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